This is Day One

This is Day One

Day One is a digital marketing agency. “This is Day One” is written in neon letters on the wall of their New York City office. I love the double entendre. This is Day One is both a “we’re here” announcement and a creative mantra.

Day One implies a fresh start. A new horizon. No baggage. Clean slate. Opportunity. Beginnings.

Today is Day One.

2020 is Day One.

Priorities & Microgoals

In 2019, I focused on the theme of Simplify. I ignored the shiny-object-syndrome activities that in 2018 cost me far too much time and money. The result was an easier-to-navigate website, continued growth in newsletter subscribers, and publication of RUSSIAN MOJITO and FELIZ NAVIDAD FROM ACAPULCO.

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With 2019’s framework in place, 2020 will be about priorities: wellness, creativity, family, and community. My writing productivity depends on the energy I get from all those priorities being in balance.

My approach uses microgoals. Small, easy-to-accomplish steps.

For example, when it comes to wellness, I never want to be one of those people who falls and can’t get up. Here’s what I’m doing about it:

Wellness > flexibility & strength > 60 squats a day

I’ve actually been doing 3 sets of 20 squats every day for about 6 weeks. 20 as the coffee perks, 20 during a break from standing at my desk, 20 as the dogs gobble their dinner, etc. I can already tell the difference.

Stretch goals

Microgoals are on the minimal end of the goal spectrum. Easy.

Stretch goals are on the max end. Hard.

A stretch goal is a challenge. A mountain to climb. The thing that requires multiple microgoals to accomplish.

Video is my 2020 stretch goal. YouTube is a great discoverability engine for creative types. Professional video content can be an effective way to reach mystery readers. But poor quality video can work against an author, too.

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I’d love to hire the Day One agency to make dynamite book trailers and social media videos. BUT  A) Undoubtedly  too expensive, and B) I want to learn new digital skills.

Is this Type A behavior? (“It has to look perfect! I need to do this myself!”) Probably.

But if I break it down into microgoals, video is less scary:

Creativity > Video book trailers > Buy Adobe Premiere
Creativity > Video book trailers > Watch all Adobe Premiere tutorials
Creativity > Video book trailers > Make test videos until satisfied with quality

Your turn

2020 is full of possibilities. 365 opportunities to get after it. 

Start with these questions:

  • Where do you want to be this time next year?
  • What tangible accomplishment is a priority?
  • What microgoals will form the first steps?

This is Day One.

day one

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