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The Hidden Light of Mexico City thriller

“Enthralling political drama” – LITERARY FICTION REVIEW

In this stunning political thriller, secrets fuel the drug war raging along the US-Mexican border. Behind the lines in Mexico City, attorney Eduardo Cortez uncovers collusion between Mexico’s powerful Minister of Public Security and the leader of the country’s most dangerous drug cartel.

Coded messages . . . a secret website . . . clever money laundering.

Marked for death by cartel assassins, Eduardo follows the money trail deep into drug smuggling territory. There he’ll find that violence buys loyalty, votes are for sale, and the odds are against survival.

Back in Mexico City, a woman whose name means Light of Mary waits for him.

The cartel is looking for her, too.





Awakening Macbeth paranormal thriller

“Page-turning” – KIRKUS REVIEWS

In this standalone romantic thriller with a paranormal twist, the action races across time and place as it takes you from the University of Virginia, to historic Edinburgh, all the way to a dusty road in Iraq . . .

University professor Brodie Macbeth’s life unravels when her father kills himself.

Days later, Brodie gets another mind-numbing shock. She must read her father’s collection of British history books or forfeit a fortune.

As she reads, Brodie has terrifying nightmares torn from the pages of her father’s library. Again and again―across time and history―she is stalked by killers in her sleep who know something she doesn’t.

When Brodie falls for Joe Birnam, an Iraq War vet with his own demons, she realizes the nightmares are a deadly game in the eternal struggle against evil.

The prize is Joe’s immortal soul.

But Brodie doesn’t know how to play, let alone win.

Would you?



Behind the scenes


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