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Galliano Club Thriller Series

In 1926 it’s hard to get a beer, thanks to Prohibition. But there’s plenty of trouble on tap at the Galliano Club.

Based on tales told by Carmen’s late grandfather, a former Deputy Sheriff of Oneida County, NY.

Road to the Galliano Club cover

Three very different people flee the secrets of their past, but all roads lead to the Galliano Club, a social hub for Italian mill workers.

The Artist

A dead body behind the Galliano Club sets off a chain reaction of crime and deception in this Prohibition-era thriller based on Carmen’s home town.

Blackmail at the Galliano Club

Barman Luca Lombardo and dancer Ruth Cross are caught in a web of blackmail ensnaring everyone connected to the Galliano Club.

Revenge at the Galliano Club

Hanna Gorski is determined to discover who murdered her sister and deliver her own brand of justice. The Galliano Club will never be the same.

Detective Emilia Cruz Mystery Series

Emilia Cruz is the first female police detective in Acapulco. If the drug cartels don’t get her, another cop will.

Poison Cup award for Outstanding Series, 2019 & 2020, CrimeMasters of America; Silver Falchion Award for Story/Collection, 2019, Killer Nashville


Carmen Amato,books by carmen amato,author,mystery author

Emilia investigates the death of a dirty cop in the explosive series debut.

Carmen Amato,books by carmen amato,author,mystery author

As Acapulco burns, Emilia hunts for a violent arsonist and a missing girl in Book 2.

Carmen Amato,books by carmen amato,author,mystery author

A religious relic, a cruise ship murder, and a rookie cop put Emilia’s life in danger in Book 3.

Carmen Amato,books by carmen amato,author,mystery author

Emilia gambles it all to save her partner from a serial killer targeting cops in Book 4.

Carmen Amato,books by carmen amato,author,mystery author

Emilia goes undercover as a devotee of Santa Muerte, Mexico’s forbidden saint, in Book 5.

Carmen Amato,books by carmen amato,author,mystery author

Based on a true crime, Emilia grapples with a shocking mass kidnapping in Book 6.

Russian Mojito cover

Can Emilia deliver a dose of Mexican justice to a Russian killer in Book 7?

Narco Noir by Carmen Amato

Emilia plays both a taxi driver and a movie star in the undercover role of a lifetime in Book 8.

Detective Emilia Cruz Short Reads

Carmen Amato,books by carmen amato,author,mystery author

This prequel collection of short stories captures Emilia’s first years as a detective.

Feliz Navidad from Acapulco

Emilia and her partner go undercover in this very unexpected Christmas murder mystery novella.

The Listmaker of Acapulco

A black notebook and a man with nine fingers draw Emilia into a maze of mistaken identities and gang rivals.

Detective Emilia Cruz Extras

The Artist

This bilingual tale won the 2019 Silver Falchion Award for best short story.

Emilia Cruz box set

Get the first 6 complete novels in this Kindle boxed set.

Hecho en Acapulco

Spanish language edition of MADE IN ACAPULCO.

Emilia Cruz Box Set books 1-6

Spanish language edition of CLIFF DIVER.

Standalone Thrillers

Expect Carmen’s signature blend of complex mystery, layers of deception, and high-wire action.


The Artist

Longlisted for the 2020 Millennium Book Award. A drug cartel is poised to buy Mexico’s presidency and only one man stands in the way.

Awakening Macbeth paranormal thriller

Romantic suspense with a supernatural twist pits a college professor and an Iraq War vet against eternal evil.

She Didn't Run box set

KindleUnlimited box set: Awakening Macbeth, The Hidden Light of Mexico City, Cliff Diver and a bonus short story.

Insider’s Guides to Mexico

These collections of personal travel essays take you inside the real Mexico.

Best of Mexican Holidays

22 insiders help you celebrate life, death, and everything in between as only Mexico can.

Blackmail at the Galliano Club

42 experts reveal where to eat, sleep, sun, and experience the best of Mexico. Free for Kindle readers.


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