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Detective Emilia Cruz Book #8

When a taxi driver is brutally executed on a busy Acapulco street, Emilia goes undercover to catch a gang killer.

But when her worst enemy steps off the curb and into her taxi, she's dragged to a movie set where she'll play the role of a lifetime.

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Detective Emilia Cruz Book #7

When kidnappers target her family and a enigmatic guest winds up dead in the city's most luxurious hotel, Acapulco's first female police detective is served a terrifying crime cocktail.

Can Emilia deliver a dose of Mexican justice to a ruthless Russian killer?

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"A thrilling series." - National Public Radio

The first 6 books in the Detective Emilia Cruz series are together in a box set for the first time. Includes Bonus Content: Acapulco Sugar, a prequel story and Emilia's Circle, with a riddle for you to solve.

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Emilia Cruz Box Set

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3 volume Starter Library
  • The Beast prequel originally published by The Huffington Post
  • The Angler novella based on a true-life murder
  • Who’s Who Guide to the series


"She tells about interesting characters striving to improve their lives in the difficult environment of modern-day Acapulco, rendering a story far richer than the thriller factories of the big publishing houses." - LibraryThing

Amato weaves an intricate assortment of themes into a vivid tapestry that depicts both the beauty and ugliness of Acapulco. Her attention to clothing, food, and other details of the cityscape bring life to her characters. - Kirkus Reviews

"For every clue that falls into place, the price is paid in danger and blood." - author Vee James

"Astounding . . . a haunting page-turner . . . The tragedy of decent members of society caught in the crossfire stayed with me long after I finished the book." - Nightstand Reviews

""Danger and betrayal never more than a few pages away." - KIRKUS REVIEWS

"The story is full of nonstop action and suspense, but what really got to me in this book is the range of strong emotions I've felt while reading it . . . Emilia is a character that is close to my heart." - MysterySequels

"Consistently exciting . . . A clever Mexican detective tale that will leave readers eager for the series' next installment." - Kirkus Reviews

"A brilliant character-driven detective story." - Artisan Book Reviews

"Incredibly absorbing, impossible to put down." - BookVue

"Carmen Amato has created a character that deserves to be recognized as an equal alongside well known favorites created by Hammett, Larson and Padura. I can’t wait to spend more time with Detective Cruz." - Felix Contreras, host, ALTLatino, National Public Radio

"Amato brings her characters to life with her vivid writing style and sets them on the streets of a Mexico steeped in Catholicism and corruption . . . Unique and gripping." -

"Amato spins a taut tale, keeping the reader off balance and guessing just as much as Cruz does. The pace is swift and the action is realistically and unflinchingly portrayed." - Jim Nesbitt, author of the Ed Earl Burch series


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