Narco Noir
Barnes and Noble
Series:  Detective Emilia Cruz
Publisher:  Laurel & Croton
Formats: ebook, paperback

A bitter past drives Acapulco’s first female police detective into a Hollywood film starring lies and murder when she goes undercover to catch a killer.

As the camera rolls, Detective Emilia Cruz will face her toughest case yet.

After witnessing the execution-style murder of a taxi driver, Emilia replaces him behind the wheel. Undercover with a false identity, her target is a shadowy gang extorting protection money from the upscale taxi service.

Oddly enough, no one in Acapulco has heard of the gang. The homicide investigation is soon stuck in neutral. Yet the threat of another murder has all the drivers, including Emilia, scared to death.

But when Emilia’s worst enemy gets into her taxi, both her life and the murder case accelerate out of control and into a Hollywood movie.


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