Blood spatterDedicated news junkies like myself can generally identify trends. But this week the news about Mexico has some of everything—the good, the bad, the hopeful and the bleak. If I was an infographic specialist and did a scatter plot diagram of Mexican news stories, the result would be either a blood spatter or a constellation, depending on your point of view.

What to make of it?

A. Possible changing Mexican narrative: economy vice drugs

B. Dead women in the news get more attention than dead men

C. I’ll never run out of grist for the Emilia Cruz mystery series.

Here are some of the stories in the news this week:

Port-mortem on death of Maria Santos Gorrostieta

The UK’s Daily Mail online edition carried the most comprehensive story I found. CNN had a video story and Fox News Latino carried some of the same pictures as the Daily Mail. BTW, I wrote a blog post when the news of her death broke last week.

Drug deaths and debate

Miss Sinaloa is killed: Fox News Latino reported that the local beauty queen had a gun in her hands at the time of her shooting.

Mass graves in Chihuahua: Fox News Latino story

Noted law professor on drug war tactics in The Daily Beast

Jailed cartel leader La Barbie accuses top officials with bribes/corruption

Mexican police deny La Barbie charges, reported by CNN

Pres-Elect Enrique Peña Nieto Goes to Washington

Peña Nieto met with President Obama and lawmakers with a message of expanding economic ties. Here are stories by ABC/Univision and the BBC which often has an interesting perspective on Mexico.

And for fun: Senator John McCain’s picture of EPN and new friends:

The Economist on the US-Mexican relationship

The Coming Presidential Transition

LA Times on How Times and Ties have changed

Noted author Alan Riding on the shift in the NY Times

The Washington Post: Mexico “subdued” ahead of ceremony

Outgoing President Felipe Calderon

Calderon will take a 1 year fellowship to Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government where according to Reuters he will “meet with students, collaborate with scholars and researchers and help develop case studies on policy challenges.”

Defending His Record, from CNN

Mexico Through the Lens of a Survey

Management consulting firm Vianovo, together with national marketing communications and advertising company GSD&M, conducted a survey on US views of Mexico. Upshot: 50% unfavorable rating, only 2 points below Saudi Arabia, Osama Bin Laden’s birthplace.

At the Table

Calvin Trillin writes enticingly about food in Oaxaca in this week’s New Yorker

23 Chicago-area Mexican restaurants to receive awards


ABC/Univision profiles a designer in Oaxaca


Mexican start-ups seeks social change

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