The Detective Emilia Cruz novels are getting a facelift!!

Starting with CLIFF DIVER, new (2nd) paperback editions of books 1-8 in the Detective Emilia Cruz police procedural mystery series are being released this summer by Laurel & Croton.

While retaining the iconic Matt Chase front cover art, the 2nd paperback editions have larger type, more whitespace, and a much easier to read back cover. The spines are numbered so readers can easily see the series in order.

2nd edition CLIFF DIVER a Detective Emilia Cruz novel

CLIFF DIVER is the first of the new editions to hit bookstores this summer.

back cover comparison

The back cover is a huge improvement over the old. Large font, better contrast, and a watermark of the cliffs at La Quebrada in Acapulco.


Cliff Diver by Carmen Amato book spine

Can you find the diver on the spine? Love, love this tiny detail!

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