It’s time to celebrate! is your new go-to book recommendation wonderland., is a new(ish) platform to find books. It’s considerably more interesting than Goodreads and has fewer trolls, too.

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What makes Shepherd so different is the vast number of recommendations that link similar books, plus a clean and easy to use interface.

Shepherd has a unique take on recommendations. Select authors are invited to recommend books similar to their own, both to give authors visibility but also to group “like with like” for the reader.

Most recently, Shepherd invited me to write about my 3 favorite reads of 2023. It was very hard to narrow down the list, but ultimately I chose books featuring strong female investigators. If you enjoy the Detective Emilia Cruz books, you’ll want to read these books, too.

Read my favorites page here and surf around Shepherd. I think you’ll find it refreshingly different and reader-friendly.

>> You can also read my list of Thrillers set in exotic locations on Shepherd.

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