Acapulco by night

This week the very first Emilia Cruz story, “The Beast,” was published by Huffington Post, in the website’s Huff/Post 50 showcase of female fiction writers. Acapulco beat cop Emilia Cruz wants to become a detective. But will they break her before she gets to the squadroom? “The Beast” is all about how the series started and takes place about 2 years before the action in CLIFF DIVER and HAT DANCE.

I’m pinching myself as I type today because I’m an avid reader of HuffPost, and being published on the website has been on my bucket list for awhile. I was surfing through the website at a coffee shop when I read about the writer showcase and sent the story off, expecting deafening silence. But instead I got a charming email from  Alexander Eichler at the Huffington Post saying: “We’d be pleased to publish “The Beast” on HuffPost — all of us here who read it were quite enamored of it.”

“The Beast” is part of a collection of Emilia Cruz stories that will be published later this year in an expanded edition of MADE IN ACAPULCO. Its debut on Huffington Post is a milestone for me.

So without further ado, here is “The Beast” on Huffington Post. The blood-red picture of Acapulco looks perfect with it!

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Many thanks to Alex E. and the team there for the opportunity.


Acapulco is hotter than ever in the second Emilia Cruz mystery

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