Carmen Amato is a retired Central Intelligence Agency intelligence officer using 30 years worth of counterdrug and espionage experience to craft intrigue-filled crime fiction, including the Detective Emilia Cruz police series set in Acapulco. 

A recipient of both the National Intelligence Award and the Career Intelligence Medal, Carmen is also a survivor of three earthquakes, a train derailment, and a scuba diving encounter with a lionfish.  MORE

“A thrilling series.”  NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO



Detective Emilia Cruz Book 7

The Russians have come to play in Acapulco, but murder isn't far behind.

When a Russian guest is murdered in the luxury hotel managed by Kurt Rucker, Emilia's homecoming takes an unexpected turn. 

Can Acapulco's first female police detective give Russia a dose of Mexican justice?

This cocktail of a crime thriller is Detective Emilia Cruz's most complex case yet.



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  • NARCO NOIR: Detective Emilia Cruz Book 8 15% 15%
  • HURRICANE EMILIA: Detective Emilia Cruz Book 9 5% 5%

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“Danger and betrayal never more than a few pages away.”  KIRKUS REVIEWS

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