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Emilia Cruz Encinos is back for her fourth outing as Acapulco’s only female detective.

Amato weaves an intricate assortment of themes into a vivid tapestry that depicts both the beauty and ugliness of Acapulco . . . with danger and betrayal never more than a few pages away.


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What really got to me in this book is the wide range of strong emotions I’ve felt with reading it. Carmen Amato knows how to bring Acapulco to life . . . Emilia is definitely a character that is close to my heart.

From the moment I started the first one, I couldn’t put it down . . . Her work touches on important issues affecting Mexico in a real, human way and is exciting, fast paced and utterly gripping.

Amato combines marvelous detail about life in Mexico City with a poignant love story between the most unlikeliest of individuals, all of which is woven seamlessly into an enthralling political drama.

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Works in progress


Awakening Macbeth, a romantic thriller with a paranormal twist


Girl Meets Paris, a memoir in letters


Pacific Reaper: A Detective Emilia Cruz novel


43 Missing: A Detective Emilia Cruz novel

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Vote for AWAKENING MACBETH on Kindle Scout

My latest novel, AWAKENING MACBETH, is a romantic thriller with a paranormal twist. But before you can read it, you have to nominate it! Vote Click here to nominate AWAKENING MACBETH for publication by Kindle Press through the Kindle Scout program. Kindle Scout...

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Detective Emilia Cruz’s gambling addiction

Detective Emilia Cruz is a gambler. You could even go so far as to say she has a gambling addiction. The Gambler As a cop in Acapulco, one of the most deadly cities in the world thanks to Mexico’s drug cartels, Emilia gambles every day that she’ll survive the violence...

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Author to Author with Estelle Ryan

I've been reading Estelle Ryan's Dr. Genevieve Lenard mystery series, starting with THE GAUGUIN CONNECTION. The series is a fresh take on the usual whodunit, both in terms of style and characters. I'm delighted to host Estelle today for a short chat. Carmen Amato:...

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Book Review: Midnight Son by Jo Nesbo

For those mystery lovers who reveled in Jo Nesbo’s Harry Hole series, his new stand-alone novel Midnight Sun will be a bit of a surprise. Midnight Sun is easier on the blood pressure than Harry, with a sympathetic protagonist and the wooded setting of Norway’s  remote...

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I'm author Carmen Amato. I write romantic thrillers and the Detective Emilia Cruz mystery series set in Acapulco. Expect risk, power, corruption. And relationships with heat.  More

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