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Detective Emilia Cruz novels

Emilia investigates the death of a dirty cop in Detective Emilia Cruz Book1

Emilia races to catch an arsonist and find a missing girl in Detective Emilia Cruz Book 2

A rookie cop puts Emilia’s life in danger in Detective Emilia Cruz Book 3

A cop killer and a casino both hold surprises in Detective Emilia Cruz Book 4


Emiia goes undercover as a worshipper of Santa Muerte, Mexico’s forbidden saint in Book #5

This prequel collection of short stories captures Emilia’s first years as a detective

Romantic thrillers

An attorney and a housemaid battle Mexico’s drug cartels and rigid social class structure. A Cinderella story, Mexico style.

You loved the romantic suspense blog serial! Now it’s a standalone novel with a shocking paranormal twist.

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What really got to me in this book is the wide range of strong emotions I’ve felt with reading it. Carmen Amato knows how to bring Acapulco to life . . . Emilia is definitely a character that is close to my heart.

From the moment I started the first one, I couldn’t put it down . . . Her work touches on important issues affecting Mexico in a real, human way and is exciting, fast paced and utterly gripping.

Amato combines marvelous detail about life in Mexico City with a poignant love story between the most unlikeliest of individuals, all of which is woven seamlessly into an enthralling political drama.

Literary Fiction Review

Works in progress


43 Missing: Detective Emilia Cruz Book 6


The Insider's Guide to the Best of Mexico


Girl Meets Paris, a memoir in letters


Acapulco Rules: A Detective Emilia Cruz story

From the blog


When Detective Emilia Cruz Meets Santa Muerte

When Detective Emilia Cruz Meets Santa Muerte

Every Detective Emilia Cruz novel uses unique aspects of Mexican culture to create crimes and situations that would not be possible anywhere else. In PACIFIC REAPER, Emilia confronts the cult of Santa Muerte, the saint of death embraced by drug cartels. Someone is...

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Taxes and the Mystery Author: Winners and Losers

Taxes and the Mystery Author: Winners and Losers

In May I will celebrate my fifth year as a published author. For most of that time I was what the IRS would term a "hobbyist" but in April 2016 I embraced full-time authordom. Here were my priorities: Publish AWAKENING MACBETH, the romantic thriller that I’d written...

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What Happened to the Jesse Stone Mystery Series?

What Happened to the Jesse Stone Mystery Series?

When mystery author Robert B. Parker passed away, I mourned the end of the Spenser and Jesse Stone mystery series, as well as his Westerns featuring the enigmatic Virgil Cole. Sunny Randall, not so much, as I never quite connected with the female PI and her annoying...

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Book Review: Midnight Sun by Jo Nesbo

Book Review: Midnight Sun by Jo Nesbo

For those mystery lovers who reveled in Jo Nesbo’s Harry Hole series, his new stand-alone novel Midnight Sun will be a bit of a surprise. Midnight Sun is easier on the blood pressure than Harry, with a sympathetic protagonist and the wooded setting of Norway’s  remote...

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