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Praise for the Emilia Cruz mystery series 

“Consistently exciting . . . A clever Mexican detective tale that will leave readers eager for the series’ next installment.” — Kirkus Reviews on CLIFF DIVER

“For pure entertainment and a gripping story likely resulting in nail-biting, read Carmen Amato’s addictive prose. She knows this territory like a jaguar.” Amazon Hall of Fame reviewer Grady Harp on HAT DANCE

“Emilia is definitely a character that is close to my heart. She is a real gem with human feelings, a strong personality that doesn’t bend even with all the crap she’s dished every day from every corner.” Mystery Sequels on DIABLO NIGHTS


Detective Emilia Cruz mystery series heads to the silver screen 

spotlight on a white background and CLIFF DIVER book by Carmen AmatoScreenwriter and director Emily Skopov acquired the film and television rights to the Detective Emilia Cruz series, which includes the novels CLIFF DIVER, HAT DANCE, and DIABLO NIGHTS, as well as a collection of short stories.

Currently working with producers Michael Keyes of Something Kreative, and Zack Stentz (screenwriter “Thor”, “X-Men: First Class”) to set up production on “Three Rivers,” a Pittsburgh-set gritty true-crime thriller co-written with Eddie Richey (“Phoenix“), Skopov is best known for her work on such TV fare as “Xena: Warrior Princess,” SyFy’s “Farscape,” and the indie feature “Novel Romance.”

With iconic Acapulco as the series’ backdrop and plotting that parallels today’s headlines, Skopov believes the Emilia Cruz franchise will attract English-language viewers in the United States and gain a large Spanish-language fan base in both the US and Latin America for the dubbed or sub-titled version. Full press release here.

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  1. Bren Murphy

    Hi Carmen, The whole idea of breaking through stereotypes – especially as they relate to different cultures is – really powerful and, for an author, quite brave.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts,
    Bren Murphy


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