Russian Mojito cover
Author: Carmen Amato
Title: RUSSIAN MOJITO: Detective Emilia Cruz Book 7
Series: Detective Emilia Cruz Mystery Series
Date of publication: June 3, 2019
Publisher:  Laurel & Croton
Formats: ebook, paperback


Driven to the edge by her own secrets, can Emilia give Russian collusion a dose of Mexican justice?

It’s a cocktail of a crime cocktail when a Russian is found murdered in Kurt Rucker’s luxury hotel and Emilia’s stepfather is kidnapped.

Stir in a crooked oil executive and a dozen thieves stealing from Mexico’s national PEMEX oil and gas industry. Top it off with a stakeout with her former partner, now Emilia’s new boss, Franco Silvio.

The result is, well, explosive. Literally.


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