Cliff Diver
Barnes and Noble
Series: Detective Emilia Cruz
Publisher:  Laurel & Croton
Formats: ebook, paperback, audiobook

Acapulco’s acclaimed female police detective dives into an ocean of secrets, lies, and murder when she investigates her own lieutenant’s death.

“Consistently exciting” – Kirkus Reviews

Famous for beaches, resorts and nightlife, Acapulco is ground zero for the war on drugs. Drug cartels fight over smuggling routes into the United States for fentanyl and cocaine. Human trafficking is on the rise. Missing persons are never found. Homicide rates are exploding and the police department is riddled with corruption.

No one is more corrupt than Emilia’s own lieutenant. When he’s murdered, Emilia is assigned to lead the investigation and uncovers an ugly mess no one wants exposed. Meanwhile, another detective is her prime suspect.

Feeling like one of Acapulco’s famous cliff divers praying not to smash into the rocks below,  Emilia must choose between truth and survival.  Either way, she won’t be ready for the impact.


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