43 MIssing
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Title: 43 MISSING
Series: Detective Emilia Cruz
Publisher:  Laurel & Croton
Formats: ebook, paperback

Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled ride through a dark and treacherous world when Detective Emilia Cruz investigates Mexico’s most notorious true crime.

“Astounding” – Nightstand Reviews

Emilia finds herself in Mexico City, part of a national task force examining the forced disappearance of 43 college students from a city in central Mexico. Despite its high profile, the task force is a paper exercise to cover somebody’s political you-know-what.

Nobody expects to find out how the 43 students disappeared. Nobody expects to make an arrest.

As the task force heads to the scene of the crime, a supposedly trustworthy diplomat offers Emilia $50,000 to spike the investigation. The offer raises profound questions of loyalty, conscience, and her future as an honest cop.

43 MISSING is a gripping police drama based on the true events of September 2014, when 43 students from the Ayotzinapa Rural Teachers College were the victims of a mass kidnapping from Iguala, Guerrero.


Author Carmen Amato

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