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Publishers Weekly: The Gift of Time

Jane Friedman:What Writers Have to Learn from the 10X Rule

DV Berkom: 5 Reasons Why a Badass Female Character Should be Your New BFF

Criminal Element: The Women of Narco Noir, with Jeanine Kitchel

Criminal Element: The Ascent of Narco Noir, with Jeanine Kitchel

Anne R. Allen’s Blog: What’s your Author Strategy?

The Rap Sheet: The Book You Have to Read: Beverly Gray in the Orient 7 Tips for Negotiating Your Mystery Movie Deal The Prequel as Bait: How to Hook More Readers Audience Segmentation: 3 Easy Steps to Doubling Your Book’s Discoverability 3 Hot Tips for Finding Your Audience on Goodreads Build Your Author Platform with the Easy Hub and Spoke System 5 Mistakes You’ll Make on the Way to Publishing Success The 3 Sentence Mystery Setting Challenge I Love You Mucho: How Bilingual Humor Makes Us Smarter

Writing Forward: The 5-Minute Guide to Spicing Up Your Prose With Foreign-Language Words

Roger and Suzanne Mysteries: 5 Reasons Every Mystery Writer Needs a Dog

Murderlab: The Correlation Between Crime Rates and Creativity  Fact, Fiction, and Mystery in Mexico

Latinas4LatinoLit: 10 Essential Nonfiction reads

Latinas4LatinoLit: 3 Online Sources for Short Stories

Latinas4LatinoLit: How to Build a Latino Library on Pinterest that Rocks!

Latinas4LatinoLit: Support Latino Authors! How to Write a Book Review That Matters

Latinas4LationLit: How to Use Amazon’s Categories to Find Hidden Latino Gems

Latinas4LationoLit: How to Host a Latino-themed Book Party

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