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Captivated by vintage documents found while researching her Galliano Club historical thriller series, author Carmen Amato began CARMEN + CLOVER to revive the art of heartfelt correspondence.

Our paper goods are inspired by rare books, unique antiques, and historical patent drawings to delight and intrigue.

When was the last time you got a real letter in the mail?

In the not-so-distant past, handwritten notes and letters created a record of friendships and a timeline of milestones.

Now all we get is an avalanche of junk mail that goes straight into the trash.

Sad, right? But there’s a hidden opportunity in that pile of glossy catalogs.

People are thrilled when they receive a genuine handwritten note in the mailbox.

It stands out.

It’s memorable.

A handwritten note on quality stationery takes a relationship, whether personal or business, to a place of authenticity.

And from there, anything is possible.

Carmen + Clover paper goods


Themed set of 6 assorted 5 x 7 notecards with room on the reverse for your handwritten message. Each set features 6 unique designs based on historic patents or vintage illustrations. Packaged with recycled kraft envelopes and an enclosure showing all 6 designs.

Printed on 60lb premium matte Red River cardstock.

Over 20 themes, including Flying Machines, Railroads, Kitchen Inventions, Whiskey-making, Musical Instruments, Sewing Machines, Vintage Games, etc.

Many designs also available as single notecards with envelope.

Keep scrolling for a representative sample.

Carmen and Clover notecard reverse
whiskey barrel


Our special series of notecards feature marvelous things you didn’t know were invented in the Volunteer State, from cotton candy to typewriter ribbons. Sets of 6 5 x 7 notecards are packaged with recycled kraft envelopes.

Each notecard features the inventor’s own description of the item and the original accompanying patent drawing.

Each set contains 6 different inventions.



Tennessee Inventions notecard insert
Combination lock patent drawing
Headphone patent drawing
Nut lock patent drawing
Typewriter ribbon patent drawing


Printed on 47lb premium Red River bright white paper, our cheeky 11 x 14 posters are ready for framing.

A wide range of designs are drawn from vintage books and games as well as patent drawings and famous quotes.

Scroll down to see a few of our most popular designs.


Dolly Parton quote poster image

CARMEN + CLOVER paper goods are perfect for gift shops, museum shops, bookstores, antique stores, hardware and sewing stores, and themed boutiques.

At this time, distribution is limited to the Middle Tennessee area.

If you think CARMEN + CLOVER paper goods would be a good fit for your store in Middle Tennessee, let’s talk!


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