Made in Acapulco by Carmen Amato
Author: Carmen Amato
Series: Detective Emilia Cruz Series Short Reads
Date of publication: October 29, 2013
Publisher:  Laurel & Croton
Formats: ebook, paperback

I’m Carmen Amato. After 30 years as a CIA intelligence officer, I write mysteries and thrillers loaded with intrigue and action, including the award-winning Detective Emilia Cruz series.

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Five Emilia Cruz stories chronicle her first experiences as the first and only female police detective in Acapulco.

The Beast captures Emilia’s struggle to become the first female police detective in Acapulco. It previously appeared in The Huffington Post’s Huff/Post 50 Featured Fiction showcase.

The Disappeared sees Emilia search for a friend who goes missing. Those who have gone missing amid Mexico’s drug war violence is a continuing theme throughout the mystery series.

The Artist was inspired by Mexican poet Javier Sicilia’s efforts to bring awareness to the plight of families impacted by the drug war violence and references photos of some of the rallies held in Mexico in recent years.

 The Date explores the downside of a job that pits Emilia against Mexico’s enduring culture of machismo, while also drawing on real events that occurred in a nightclub in Mexico in 2006.

The Cliff is the original Emilia Cruz story. Written for a literary critique group, the story was initially entitled So Far From God and introduces hotel manager Kurt Rucker. The story became the basis for the first Emilia Cruz novel.



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