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Cover of Cliff DiverEmilia Cruz, Acapulco’s first and only female police detective, has just been put in charge of the murder investigation into the death of her shady lieutenant. With a blood-spattered crime scene, no witnesses, and the shadow of counterfeit ransom money, it’s a high profile case that she’s not ready to handle.

Take one dead and dirty cop

The dead lieutenant led a double life in Acapulco full of illicit sex and financial manipulation, all of which would be either red herrings or keys to the murder investigation. Missing police files, the lieutenant’s involvement with a past kidnapping, and a possible link to a gang working for a drug cartel point the investigation in multiple directions. Emilia must call on her fellow detectives for help but resentment in the squadroom over her new responsibilities runs high even as another police detective becomes her chief suspect. Luxury hotel manager Kurt Rucker has some advice for Emilia but the heat between them quickly becomes a complicating factor.

Add money and power

Expecting to become a target because of her own brush with the lieutenant’s counterfeit scheme, Emilia must move quickly to find the killer. But as she pieces together the lieutenant’s last hours, she becomes a pawn in an ugly game of corruption, money and power being played by the Pacific resort city’s ambitious mayor and a police union strongman with questionable motives.

And the combination could be a killer

Under pressure from politicians, other cops, and the powerful union, Emilia feels like Acapulco’s famous cliff divers, plunging into suspense and praying not to crash on the rocks below. She’ll follow her instincts but will she survive if she uncovers the truth?

CLIFF DIVER is the first full-length book in the Emilia Cruz mystery series. With hot nights on the beach and suspense straight out of the headlines, the series goes inside Mexico’s drug war with a fearless style and a woman who’ll be hard to forget.

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