The Book Savor series grew out of my passion for good books, good friends, and great discussions about what we are reading.

This week science fiction author Whitney Moore talks about the books she savors.

1.Carmen Amato: What was the first book you read that marked the transition from reading kids’ books to grown-up fare?

Jurassic_Park-book_coverWhitney Moore: The first real adult book I read was Jurassic Park. I guess I didn’t stray too far from the fantastical nature of the children’s books I was reading. But I can safely say that that was the book that changed my life. I was 10 when I read it and I basically never looked back.

2. CA: You are shipwrecked with a crate labeled “Books.” What 3 books do you hope are in it?

WM: Well there are a few that I have read more than once and a few that I would like to read again. But if I was stuck somewhere unfamiliar I would probably want the ones that felt the most like home. Brideshead Revisited, Winnie the Pooh and the edition of Grimm’s Fairy Tales that I had when I was little. The original ones really are a lot better than the Disney versions. 

3. CA: What book would you give as a housewarming gift and why?

WM: I would give a beautiful book like an illustrated version of The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings because they are ultimately stories about home, family and peace. 

4. CA: You can invite any author, living or dead, to dinner at your home. What are you serving and what will the conversation be about?

WM: Recently I have been reading F. Scott Fitzgerald and what fascinates me about him is what fascinates him. I have always loved the 1920’s and F. Scott Fitzgerald stands out as one of the seminal authors of that era. But what I want to know is what fascinated him enough about his own time for him to write about it. It’s not that there aren’t contemporary writers for our time but it’s rare that someone captures the current with as much grandeur as he did. His books read like love letters to the past but they were written about the present. How did he do that?

I’m sure I would serve something from India: Aloo Gobi, Palak Paneer and Biryani rice. Lots of tea and coffee and of course chocolate.

5. CA: Can you leave us with a quote, a place, or a concept from a book that inspired you?

WM: I’ll leave you with a quote that sums up why I write. “Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.” from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I have a feeling I have yet to discover my ultimate writing inspiration. There are so many genres and themes I want to explore that as a writer I think I’ve only begun to scratch the surface. 

ApocowlyptoCoverWebTell us about yourself in 3 sentences or less.

Whitney Moore is a near award-winning novelist who has written 2 Science-Fiction/Comedy novels (Cupcakes and the Centre of the Universe and Apocowlypto). Currently she lives in North Carolina and is exploring life in other genres. Her website is at

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