The EMILIA CRUZ Mystery Series

A lone female police detective in Acapulco confronts cartel violence and official corruption as well as a steamy relationship with American hotel manager Kurt Rucker in the Emilia Cruz mystery series by Carmen Amato  

Cover of Cliff Diver

CLIFF DIVER: Detective Emilia Cruz #1

HAT DANCE: Detective Emilia Cruz  #2

DIABLO NIGHTS: Detective Emilia Cruz #3

MADE IN ACAPULCO: the Emilia Cruz Stories

Meet Emilia Cruz

The first and only female detective in the Acapulco police force is a good liar, a fast thinker, a determined investigator and a mean kickboxer. An Acapulco native who had to grow up too fast, Detective Emilia Cruz is a strong woman in a squadroom that didn’t want her and is still seeking to break her. But Emilia isn’t afraid to defend herself and get what she’s rightfully earned.

Emilia doesn’t know how to handle gringo Kurt Rucker, the manager of a luxury hotel in Acapulco who has the confidence and leadership qualities she admires.

Hat Dance by Carmen AmatoThe Two Faces of Acapulco

There’s the Acapulco that tourists know; the sweep of the most beautiful bay in the world, the majesty of the clear blue Pacific, candlelit nights on the beach, and luxury hi-rises. There’s also the Acapulco that is a prize to be fought over by drug cartels–the city that is home to hookers and thieves, the streets where life is cheap and poverty is as pervasive as the wind off the ocean. Both of these versions of Acapulco appear in the books, each clawing at the other and forcing Emilia to survive between them. No investigation will be easy, no crime will be simple.

Las Perdidas

Throughout the series, Emilia keeps a log of women who have gone missing from Acapulco and she is always trying to find out what happened to them. They are las perdidas—the lost—and we’ll see how successful she can be.

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Meet Detective Emilia Cruz. She wants to be the first and only female police detective in Acapulco. Will they break her before she gets to the squadroom?

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