Talking and walking with awesome mystery and thriller authors.

Author to Author: Jinx Schwartz and Carmen Amato

As a mystery author of books set in Mexico, I have been lucky enough to build a great network of friends with books. Mystery readers love following along with the Detective Emilia Cruz series and the troubled relationship between Acapulco detective Emilia Cruz and...

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Author to Author with Penn Wallace

On real life Tell us a bit about your family.  I have a rather unconventional family. My father is of Scottish heritage; my mother’s parents came from Mexico. I grew up with a foot in both worlds. When I was little, we interacted mainly with my mother’s family. I...

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Author to Author: Robert Joe Stout and Carmen Amato

I recently had the chance to have a series of conversations with members of the Mexico Writers Facebook group. Robert Joe Stout, a prolific author, acknowledged baseball aficionado and the father of five children, currently lives in Oaxaca, Mexico. His essays,...

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Leighton Gage’s Legacy

Leighton Gage’s Legacy

On Wednesday, 13 May, Facebook reminded me that it was Leighton Gage's birthday. I found the reminder somewhat disturbing. Salute to a Pioneer Disturbing, because fellow mystery author Leighton Gage passed away some time ago. I never met him, but respect him...

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Lighting the Path

Lighting the Path

"Surround yourself with those who light the way." It was just another pithy Pinterest graphic; worth a nod and a smile. Forgotten in the wake of a great chicken recipe or a cat playing the piano. But I recently had occasion to reflect on the wisdom of "lighting the...

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Best of the Book Savor Series: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

  The Book Savor series grew out of my passion for good friends, great books and interesting conversations about what we are reading. And what better way to wind it up than with a “best of” the who-is-coming-to-dinner question.   Read on to see what interesting people...

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A Book Savor Chat with Novelist Anne R. Allen

The Book Savor series grew out of my passion for good friends, great books, and interesting conversations about what we are reading. This week's guest, novelist Anne R. Allen, talks about the books she savors. 1. Carmen Amato: What was the first book you read that...

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