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I admit it. I’m addicted to Pinterest. But I actually have a good excuse: Pinterest is a great resource for researching my books, especially the Emilia Cruz mystery series set in Acapulco.

To prove it, here are my 15 best Pinterest boards about Mexico. They each have a different and unique angle, and never fail to provide great ideas and inspiration. Check them out for a virtual trip to this ever-fascinating country.

1. Images of Mexico board by Artisans of Mexico


This board is a little bit of everything but what makes it stand out are the images of religious items and antiques, as well as stunning landscapes and historical photos. The pinner’s other boards focus on Mexican arts and crafts, including talavera pottery, silver jewelry and accessories, beadwork, etc., and are also work a look.

2. My Hispanic Kitchen Recipes board by Sonia “La Piña en la Cocina”

The photos are gorgeous, the food looks mouth-watering and the recipes are in English. None of them are too complicated and make you want to start cooking—and eating—immediately. I love the board description, too, which in part says “I have found that when I blog about food and especially family recipes, it really makes me feel like my parents’ legacy continues.”

3. Dia de los Muertos board by Dorian Fletcher


This retired graphic artist has a wonderful eye and brings it to this selection of all things connected to Mexico’s Dia de los Muertos celebration. I discovered it while doing research into Santa Muerte for an Emilia Cruz novel and given the upcoming holiday, it is certainly worth a look!

4. Mexico, Mexico board by Laura Ayala


Artist Laura Ayala has a number of boards and this is the biggest, with almost all the pins snapshots of color and culture. It is curated like a museum exhibit, with most of the pictures perfectly cropped to lead the eye to a beautiful detail like the embroidery on a sombrero or the mix of colors in an agave plant. Always makes me sigh with longing.

5. Mexico Beach Obsession board by Denise del Mundo


Writing a series set in Acapulco means that the beach is never very far from my mind and this board is the mother of all beach boards. From images of water to tips on staying safe or the best souvenirs, this board is a visual go-to resource for anyone contemplating a beach vacation in Mexico.

6. Mexican Date Night board by Karla in Tennessee


The concept of this board is unique—everything you’d ever want for a date night, Mexican style. The most romantic words in Spanish, movie to watch—The Three Amigos—travel videos, fiesta invitations, well, that’s just the first few pins. One of the most fun Mexico boards.

7. Mexican Garden board by Barrio Antiguo Designs


If you ever wanted to bring Mexico home and create a visually stunning outdoor room, this board is for you. This Houston-Texas store has done a great job in showcasing its beautiful pottery, ironwork, and other yard art. A great board for ideas for incorporating clever Mexican moments into your landscaping.

8. Mexican Hacienda Collection board by Indeed Decor


This interior design company has their own collection but also has filled this board with the most beautiful images of Mexican interior design from a wide range of shelter magazines, websites, and interior designer portfolios. It is a font of inspiration, not only for my own home, but for some of the settings in my books.

9. Authentic Acapulco board by Whitney Campbell


All  things retro Acapulco can be found here, from Elvis to vintage tourism posters and clothing. Acapulco was really the spot for the “in” crowd in years past—the way Dubai is today–and this board recaptures the nostalgia of the 50’s.

10. Mexico Bucket List board by Journey Mexico


This is a clever board in which each pin is an entry on Journey Mexico’s bucket list or places to see or things to do in Mexico. For example, #18 is to visit Merida on a weekend when street dances are being held or #113 get a massage on the beach at sunset. #4 with sharks off the Yucatan coast is for the adventurous!

11. Mexican Republic board by Sharon Lee Larsen


This is a dense board with many pins of an historical significance. The board description reveals the pinner’s interest in history, science, Mexican cinema, maps, and natural formations. A wealth of information and imagery.

12. Margarita recipes board by Margarita Texas


Who knew there were so many different ways to make and serve a margarita?! This board is a must-see for Mexican-themed parties or just anytime you want to impress friends. Check out the Hallow-Rita.

13.  Carlos Fuentes board by the Oviatt Library


The pinner is the library of the California State University at Northridge. Few boards are devoted to a single author but the Oviatt Library has pinned books by and resources about the iconic Mexican author Carlos Fuentes. An excellent resource for researchers and translators as it has books in both English and Spanish, with some book covers I hadn’t seen before.

14. Mexican Silver/Jewelry board by Leslie Aja


This is the ultimate board for those who love Mexican sterling silver in any form. The board pulls images from sales sites like 1stbibs, shows both contemporary and antique pieces, and also briefly states the provenance of many of the antique pieces. A wonderful resource.

15. The Hidden Light of Mexico City by Carmen Amato


This board is all about political thriller novel THE HIDDEN LIGHT OF MEXICO CITY. It showcases the locations throughout Mexico where the action takes place, the art and history that inspires the main characters, and adds tantalizing snippets about the book in many of the pin descriptions.

While these might be my favorite Pinterest boards for setting ideas and local flavor, I’m always looking for more great boards on Mexico. Recommend one!

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