My latest novel, AWAKENING MACBETH, is a romantic thriller with a paranormal twist. But before you can read it, you have to nominate it!


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Which would be nice.

I offered up AWAKENING MACBETH as a Kindle Scout nominee and was surprised to get a response within hours saying the book was accepted! It is live on the Kindle scout site for readers to nominate for another week.

If you are a regular reader of this blog you’ll remember that the story ran as a blog serial last year. The full novel has additional scenes that were too spicy for a website.


Here’s what AWAKENING MACBETH is about:

Shattered by her father’s suicide, professor Brodie Macbeth has terrifying nightmares.

In her sleep, people will kill for a secret Brodie doesn’t know.

Is this grief? Or something else?

When Brodie meets Joe Birnam, an Iraq War vet with his own demons, she finally lets go and learns to love. But a colleague’s shocking claim and demand for her father’s secret makes Brodie realize that the nightmares are a real and deadly game.

Joe’s immortal soul is the prize.

But Brodie doesn’t know how to play, let alone win.


Yes, I know. AWAKENING MACBETH is my first book NOT set in Mexico, AND it has a paranormal element as well.

No, I haven’t suddenly turned into a fantasy/vampire/ghost story author. The paranormal inspiration for AWAKENING MACBETH came from my grandmother who said a mother should never wake a sleeping child too fast. The soul wanders while we sleep and needs time to return before we are fully awake.

I connected that with the old saying that the eyes are the windows of the soul, and a romantic thriller with a paranormal twist took shape.

The hardest thing about writing the book was the concept of real evil being able to threaten the immortal soul. I have a very Catholic view of the soul and hate movies like The Exorcist. I actually stopped writing several times, too shaken to go on.

Historic  setting

The setting for AWAKENING MACBETH is Charlottesville, Virginia where Brodie Macbeth is a professor at the University of Virginia.

University of Virginia

Photo courtesy of the University of Virginia

I went to graduate school at UVA. The campus was designed by Thomas Jefferson. It is dominated by a central grassy mall known as The Lawn which is flanked by student rooms, walled gardens, and pavilion housing for teachers all tied together by serpentine brick walls. My classes were in Cabell Hall and I had a study carrel in the old library.

I think there is an undercurrent of mystery and magic in places like the UVA campus where history is so clearly on display. Alexandria, Virginia, and Edinburgh, Scotland, other places where action takes place in AWAKENING MACBETH, are both full of history. In fact, I credit Edinburgh, the home of J.K. Rowling, with helping to set the suspenseful tone of the book.

View of Edinburgh, Scotland

Photo courtesy Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce

Walking around Edinburgh, especially at twilight, you feel the weight of the past stretching back to Shakespeare’s ill-fated king, Macbeth. The narrow alleys and cobbled streets hold secrets that the casual tourist will likely never know.

What games have been played there?

What souls have been lost?

Or won?


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